What We are
Techbucks, The world's high profiled leading online training group is a premier IT training company established highly experienced innovative professional trainers and consultants across the globe. Techbucks was established by a team of IT professionals who have implemented applications in different cutting edge technologies.
What We Do
Vision: our vision is to provide online training in IT technologies across the globe by technical experts using different technologies across the globe at a common platform. Across the globe we provide the latest technologies by eliminating the geographical boundaries with the latest technology with industrial experts. Successful leaders and professionals in the field of IT in many different countries have been built by us around the globe.

IT Firms & Corporations have been helped by us to educate their employees in their global positions on the latest technology by giving the latest technical training by our experts in their respective areas and also helped many companies to save their valuable time & money on training by 50% through online training from different locations

Techbucks provide onsite customized training for corporates.

Why only Techbucks online training?
  • Techbucks just do not teach you technology but also share real time implementations through industrial experts to gain practical skills and knowledge to face clients. We strive hard for better solutions to enlighten your careers.
  • Techbucks is different from others, as you can compare our methodologies, training process, differences in delivering and our concept of online training.
  • Experts in Techbucks never comprises for anything. We make you understand the technologies that are connected with people and business. Faculty in Techbucks is indefinitely the best ever IT experts and consultants for world class companies where they are not only for teaching but also for your bright future.
  • Techbucks just do not make developers or consultants but make you full- fledged competitive IT professionals.
  • Techbucks provides training by industrial experts and make sure that you are up to the standards by conducting various programs such as online tests, mock interviews, case studies and project oriented examples. Go, get the job under the training of Techbucks.
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