What is online Training?

With a simple Internet connection, you can learn any course sitting in your room through online training. Online training is a very powerful form of training as it got all the benefits of general class room training with all requirements.

The simple process of online training in which trainer and attendees will be in a virtual environment where all trainees will able to view trainer, talk to the trainer and view trainer's desktop and ask the queries to the trainer like a regular physical class room.

Limitations of Class Room Training

To get you succeed in competitive job market, we make you expert in technology and place you in the right job. We build you soft skills and technical skills according to the latest job trend.

  • One place to another place in this busy professional life, there are limited set of trainers, uncomfortable trainers and training rooms is really a painful learning environment.
  • Due to geographical boundaries, sometimes you may not get the best trainers as per your schedule.
  • Sometimes you may not get the desired technology you want to learn which is not available in your city.
  • Heavy crowd & highly impossible for the personal interaction with the trainer.
  • Costly training
How Online Training is Beneficial?
  • You have the best option of choosing the best online training without any limitations across the globe as there are no geographical boundaries.
  • Sitting in your room, relaxing in the garden or anywhere you can attend the online training at the best.
  • Attend the classroom from different countries sharing one virtual classroom would definitely help you in getting exposure to all.
  • Training through online helps you in saving time & money.
Why Only Techbucks Online Training?

Techbucks shares real time implementation expertise to gain practical skills and knowledge to face clients to implement better solutions. We just do not teach you technology but place in the right position to enlighten you career

We just do not make developers or consultants but make full fledged competitive IT professionals.

Techbucks provide you with industry experts and consultants for world class companies who are highly capable of understanding the business and explain the technology that can be closely connected with people and business.

Techbucks conduct online tests, mock interviews, providing case studies, giving real time scenarios and project oriented examples. We also provide well designed manuals, study materials and practice Exercises for quick learning. We just place you at the right job.

We are different in teaching, methodology, process, training content when compare to other with anyone in the world.

Our Success Stories:

Our quality in training made us the global leader in the field of online IT training with highly experienced innovative professional trainers and consultants across the globe.Our desire is to bring the most valuable learning to the people.

We have been proved that Techbucks is the best online training ever with many successful consultants placed in various parts of the world.

Many consultants are successful with their jobs only after upgrading their skills at Techbucks Online training.

Many are successful after consulting with Techbucks including college pass outs,IT professionals as they are place in their areas of interest such as developer,quality analyst, DBA etc.

Techbucks trained more than 100 companies and helped them to perform their projects better which reduced their training cost.

Online training is the simplest way of learning by sitting in your room. No matter how you learn, but take the advantage of the real online training given by Techbucks.

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