Looking for the right job in the top most company, Techbucks can guide you and can bring rapid change in your career. Join us for a bright career.

Compare with other's to know how different we are in training:

  • Techbucks shares real time implementation expertise to gain practical skills and knowledge to face clients for better solutions.
  • We just do not teach you technology but place in the right position to enlighten you career.
  • We just do not make developers or consultants but make full fledged competitive IT professionals.
  • Techbucks provide you with industry experts and consultants for world class companies who are highly capable of understanding the business and explain the technology that can be closely connected with people and business.
  • Techbucks conduct online tests, mock interviews, providing case studies, giving real time scenarios and project oriented examples. We also provide well designed manuals, study materials and practice Exercises for quick learning. We just place you at the right job.
  • We are different in teaching, methodology, process, training content when compare to other with anyone in the world.

Once you pick up the differences comparing others and also know about our success stories. Proceed further if you feel this is the right place.

Dreaming of IT job immediately after graduation or would like to upgrade your skills being as IT professional, Techbucks is the right choice for your bright career. Fresh graduate, developer, manager, Architect we have role based training for every individual to upgrade their skills and enlighten their career in the field of IT.

Just Come to us let's decide how to proceed.

Techbucks got the special team which is combination of technical experts and market analysts make you to choose the right program to develop your career. Based on several parameters w proceed further such as

  • Educational qualification
  • Current job
  • Your technical skills
  • Career interests
  • Your goals
  • Your residing country
  • Demand of specific course in that country
  • Your positive and negative aspects

Based on the course you choose, Techbucks will give training by industrial experts of that area in which they share their real time experiences and teach you how to apply technology to meet the specific needs. Our role based training helps you to place in the right job in very quick time after the training.

Everything never happens with Techbucks as you will be successful, only after complete participation in the course, submitting assignments, case studies, quiz and technical discussions regularly

If you got selected, we will get back you very soon…!

Techbucks conducts several mock interviews, case studies to improve confidence level after the training which helps you to face the interview and get you the perfect job. We will help you in preparing your resume.

Our experts give special training on soft skills and corporate techniques. Our placement cell also helps you in finding the right job for better career.

New job sucks???
Your Project is going beyond Deadlines? Need Consulting? Looking for Support?

Techbucks supports with the team of experts who ready to help you on any technology you demand. Our teams of experts are available round the clock.
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